Technical data

Property Result Testing Designation
60° Specular Gloss Range 20 – 80+ ASTM D 523
Coated Film Hardness F-2H pencil ASTM D3363
Solvent Resistance 50-100+ MEK double rubs ASTM D4752
Flexibility, Nominal 0 – 3T180 NTO subject to
method of forming and
metal thickness
ASTM D4145-83
Reverse Impact 1.5X metal thickness NTO ASTM D2794
Cross Hatch Adhesion No loss of Adhesion ASTM D 3359

Accelerated Tests: Result Testing Designation
5% Salt Spray, 1000 hrs. Creepage < 1/32” from scribe ASTM B-117
Humidity Resistance
100% RH 1,000 hrs.
No significant visual change ASTM D 2247-87

Painted Coil




-H1X, H2X, H3X

Gauge and Width

-0.012” – 0.048”
-1.000” – 36.000”

Custom Paint Blends

-Polyester, PVC, Fluorocarbon, Waterbase, Epoxy, all colors and gloss levels, one or two coats, one or two sides, 10,000 lbs per color minimum

Additional Capabilities

– Stucco Emboss, Cedar Emboss


Test results of coated surface will vary depending on paint formulation and forming requirements of metal specification and end use application.

KBP Coil Coaters, Inc. is a leader in supplying pre-painted aluminum and steel coil, using state of the art coil coating equipment and methods. KBP rigorously tests and certifies every coil before it leaves our coil coating facility.

KBP Coil Coaters, Inc. has complete secondary services including slitting and cut-to length.